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Facts about our Business and Information Technology Services

As the CEO of a rapid growth, mid-sized information technology business, I was intimately familiar with the stress, rigor and risk of startups. However, over time, my group grew to be a multi-year Inc 500 awardee, recognized throughout the markets we served as a leader in not just technology acumen, but also in customer satisfaction, operational excellence and community support.

We successfully made the transition from what I liked to call a "big small company" to a "small big company". Through process development and execution, continuous improvement methodologies, investments in technology, branding and marketing, and strategic business planning, we evolved into a mature, yet nimble, company. A company which I then successfully sold to a New York City based private equity firm.

Ipality exists to support startup, small, mid-size and enterprise companies in strategy, product and market development, innovation, capital acquisition, and M&A, and to provide executive advisory and decision support solutions that will result in increased opportunity, improved market penetration, greater efficiencies, and, ultimately, stronger and more successful organizations.

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When I was running my organization I found myself looking for consultants to assist with strategic planning, compensation planning, facilitation and other areas such as capital acquisition or M&A. These were all very different needs. In some cases, I had "been there and done that". But in other cases I wanted an outside view, or I didn't have time to work on a project, or I didn't have the experience.

I had a choice to either hire a large firm and deal with the costs and issues that a large consulting group brings, or find individual independent consultants for each task. I always preferred the attention I received from independent consultants, but it took a lot of time to identify and vet them.

I founded Ipality on the concept of bringing together several independent consultants, each with a unique skill set garnered through years of experience in their respective fields, into a unified network. As a result, you get the attention of an independent, with the scalability and breadth of skill of a large firm.


A Helping Hand

Whether you're at the idea stage or you've completed your initial launch, we can hold your hand to assist you with making the right decisions. We can be there for strategy development, market analysis, operations structure, or just so you can have someone to bounce ideas off of.



Ipality excels in designing and facilitating productive conversations that lead to great results in less time, whether participants converse eye-to-eye, via phone, web or a combination. We can facilitate everything from strategy and SWOT sessions, to team building, to brainstorming and more.

Executive Advisor

A Virtual Partner

Would you like to bounce ideas off of someone who has "been there and done that"? Our Executive Advisory services are like having a "virtual partner". Whether it's assistance with forming a board, wondering whether you should sign a contract, reviewing your strategic plan or other needs, we can be there to support you.


Market and Product Development

Are you looking to grow by delivering your existing products to a new market, or by developing a new product set for your existing market? We can work with you to research and define your strategy, and then work with you to develop your business plan around business expansion.

M&A and Finance

M&A and Finance

Are you looking to expand through acquisition? Be acquired? Find funding? Develop an exit strategy? Ipality can facilitate the research, planning, targetting, prospectus and slide deck development, due diligence and other needs to support these strategic activities. In addition, we have a strong network of relationships with angels, VC and M&A firms.

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Information Technology Services

Ipality solutions include technology lifecycle services relating to the availability, performance and security of applications, systems and networks and with a significant focus on advanced and emerging technologies.

At Ipality, we understand that different customers require different approaches. We are committed to understanding our customers' business needs and delivering appropriate solutions. While not every customer has the same challenge or needs the same solution, we understand that all customers have the same goal: business value.

We use a shared service approach to assessment, design, implementation and support services. A shared service approach means that we work alongside our customer during the project lifecycle, merging their resources with our resources to enable knowledge transfer and continuity upon completion.

What we Sell

Vendor Agnostic

No product bias. We align with you, not a vendor. We are free to recommend a solution that fits your specific needs and not a manufacturer that we represent. We do, however, maintain strong lines of communications with market leaders.


We don't believe in just knowledge transfer. We like to involve our customers in the complete engagement lifecycle - from design and architecture, to implementation and support. We're interested in lifetime relationships.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The cloud is about the management and integration of applications. Ipality's focus is on helping you identify cloud providers, and then tying together your internal resources with the cloud in areas such as provisioning, deployment, management, monitoring, security, authentication/authorization, data pumps and automation.

Advanced/Emerging Technology

Personal computers, local and wide area networks, the Internet, the World Wide Web, Unified Communications, wireless networking - these all started as emerging technologies.

What are today's emergent technologies? How can they help accelerate your business mission? Let Ipality assist you with understanding what technologies and processes may be applicable to your organization.

Open Source

Are you spending a significant amount of money each year on maintenance renewals or user licenses for commercial software? Open Source isn't the answer for every problem, but there are many highly mature and broadly supported open source solutions available today.

Ipality provides a variety of services to assist you with identifying potential targets for open source replacement, understanding the process and plan for a conversion, implementation of open source solutions and support upon project completion.



Ipality provides your organization with infrastructure experts who serve as trusted advisors and partners. They can quickly assess your needs and then develop, design, implement and manage a high-performance network that can respond to current demands; scale for growth; provide security and compliance; and deliver fast, reliable and rich communications services.

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Meet the team

We're not your standard consulting firm. We know that using the word "consultants" often conjures up images of useless reports, excessive costs and a lack of value. Most of us used to sit on your side of the desk. Recognizing this, we focus on strong and focused deliverables and controlled and reasonable costs. At the end of your engagement with us, we want you to say WOW.

We'll tell you when we're really good at something. We're not afraid to tell you that something is outside of our domain expertise. We're all about customer service and satisfaction. We've been burned by vendors before, and we have no interest in having you experience that with us. We take "Make the customer happy" to a whole new level.

We're sophisticated and connected, but we're down to earth. We've all participated in various aspects of business for many years and have built up networks of relationships - manufacturers, consulting groups, angel investors, venture capitalists, economic development leaders, members of the government. When it makes sense, we're more than happy to introduce you to people that can help your business grow and succeed.

Chris Labatt-Simon - Principal

Chris built a highly successful and well respected $10M information technology firm, ranked as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine over a multiple year period. During his tenure his focus was not only on strategy development, financial and performance management, and sales and marketing but also on leadership, team building and employee retention and advancement. He sold the company to a private equity firm in 2010 and has spent much of his time, post-acquisition, with corporate integration, management consulting for other parts of their group and with merger & acquisition activities - seeking strategic fits for the equity firm's portfolio

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